19 avril 2019

A stay in Australia

HELLO,                                                                                                                                                                                                               We have been in Australia for several weeks and we have discovered a lot of things!!! Here are some of the activities we have done:  

The Great Barrier Reef and the scuba diving

image tortue  image Grande Barriere de Corail    image de poissons

image plongée sous marine

From the town of Cairns, we have taken a catamaran for the day and then we have done scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef:                  The Great Barrier Reef is a multitude of small reefs and islets, this natural structure is exclusively composed of corals. The Great Barrier Reef is located in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Australia and extends over 2,000 km : it is the biggest coral reef in the world! She possess a large marine biodiversity, has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1981 and it is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. We have swum with turtles, manta rays and we have seen clown fish, sharks, humpback whale, giant wrasse and  full of colorful fish…

The Wombats


image de wombat 1          image de wombat 2         image de wombat 3


 The common wombat 

In the town of Brisbane, we have visited a zoo specialized in Australian animals. We have discovered many animals that are not in France such as the wombat : The wombats are australian marsupial mammals with very short legs and their closest parents are the koala. Wombats feed themselves with grasse, roots and they dig long holes with their claws to protect themselves from heat. They have a pocket facing backwards. and are generally slow but can run up to 30 km/h. Three species exists : -the common wombat, -the northern wombat and the southern wombat.  Unfortunately, this animal is an endangered species.                                                   We have taken them in our arms, they were so fluffy  and we even feed them.

wombat du Nord

Wombat du Sud


The northern wombat




                     The southern wombat




Russell Crowe

            Russel Crowe 1                               Russel Crowe 2

In a coffee shop in the town of Coffs Harbour, we met Russell Crowe and ask few questions:


Russel Crowe is a actor and director New Zealander, he was born on April 7, 1964 in Wellington. He begun his career in Australia and continued in United States with the movies «L.A. Confidential »  and « Révélations ». Russell becomes famous  in the entire world with the movies « Gladiator » and « a Beautiful Mind » and received an Oscar for the best actor.

Dialog :

-Hello Mr Crowe, can we ask you a few questions?                                                                                                                          -  Yes, you can.

-Did you played and acted in a movie recently ?                                                                                                                              -Yes I have, and it will be realised very soon.

-That’s great ! So When did you begun to play ?                                                                                                                            -I have started to play at the age of 6 in an Australian TV show. I remember that it have a lot of fun and i think that’s what made me continued

-In which movies have you preferred to play ?                                                                                                                               -I really loved playing in « Gladiator », it’s a specific universe and i enjoyed every moments.

-Have you ever traveled to make movies?                                                                                                                                     -Yes, I have already traveled because of movies like for « For the moment » or even in « Gladiator » where we had to traveled for the different scenery for instance.

- Then thanks you to have shared with us a bit of your time by answering our questions, Goodbye.

-That’s nothing, your welcome, bye

Sydney Opera House

sydney 1                  sydney 2         sydney 3

At the end, we have seen a play in Sydney's opera. This opera is the emblem of the Sydney's town and dated of the XXe century. Its architecture, which look like a sailboat or a shell, was designed by the Danish Jørn Utzon. It is a very specific and wonderful place!

→I hope that the activities we discovered will have convinced you to go to Australia.

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